uPVCBifold Window

bifold windows are fast gaining popularity in homes as well as in commercial establishments. Bi-fold windows are comprised of a series of hinged and framed panels that can be slid back and neatly stacked against the wall leaving an unobstructed opening. The modern look and efficient functionality of the bi-fold window design combined with the resilience of uPVC could make uPVC Bi-fold windows the more favorable option for your home if you prefer a more sleek contemporary appearance than a typical casement window design. Bi-fold windows are primarily designed for the purpose of creating a wide-open space. Its design allows for this type of wide opening. This function makes a room look more spacious, whilst still allowing for all the energy efficiency & security benefits you could expect from a modern window design.uPVC frames are welded on all the corner joints and can be reinforced with galvanized steel for extra rigidity. Internal window beads and multi-point locking systems add an extra layer of security.

BI-Floding essentially creates a “glass wall” (with high sound insulation and thermal insulation) that can be completely opened leaving no fix panels, columns or other obstructions. Perfect for use internally or externally, the flexibility of the bifold window design allows them to function as either a window or a full-height door. As the panels slide to the side, they “fold” into each other (like a concertina effect) and stack tidily either to the outside or inside of the frame. The panels can be slid left or right or you could decide to have some moving left and some right.

  • Bifold window outer-frame Construction.
  • interior bifold window
  • Bifold Window Used Indoors
  • UPVC Frames / sub-frames: Much like aluminum uPVC frames are chambered to make them lighter and stronger. Unlike aluminum, uPVC is a bad conductor and therefore uPVC bi-fold doors or windows don’t require the thermal break.UPVC is not as strong as aluminum, and so the outer frames and sub-frames can include galvanized steel internal reinforcing were necessary to create greater structural integrity.

    UPVC Bifold windows features:

  • Price: The costs of uPVC bi-folds’ are very competitive, there are many sources of manufacture and supply which help to keep prices down
  • Availability: Also because there are many suppliers it’s relatively easy to be able to find the type of product that you need. Also, the number of installers around the UK is quite plentiful so wherever you live there could be a local company with just the product you want.
  • Life-span: uPVC is a long-lasting material that can take a hard life and still retain its’ appearance and function effectively for decades, with a minimum amount of maintenance. UPVC is also a very stable material and is non-reactive to most air pollutants. Long periods of wet or dry weather don’t make it shrink or swell up.
  • Maintenance: It’s worth repeating that uPVC does not take a great deal of your time and effort to look after. Keeping the frames clean and lubricating the moving parts is really all you need to do. Of course, unlike timber, you won’t have to re-paint a UPVC product.
  • Energy efficiency: As a natural insulator, uPVC is perfect for use in the manufacture of bifold frames. Unlike aluminum, there are no complex thermal breaks needed to separate the outside form the inside. The simpler things are, the less there is to go wrong or break.
  • Strength: The frame profiles benefit from galvanized steel internal reinforcing, ensuring the frames remain square and resist twisting, sagging or other distortion
  • Colour choice: To be fair, you can get way more colors in aluminum designs than Upvc, and you can paint timber any color you like. But with up to 20 different options in the market, it is unlikely that you won’t be able to find a door or window to suit your circumstances.
  • Guarantees: The warranty or guarantee for uPVC bifold doors is just as good for those on timber or aluminum products.
  • Glazing options: Typically, a uPVC bifold window or door will be double glazed, but you can enhance them by the use of solar control glass (Low-E), triple glazing or even use laminated glass. Full-length glass bifold doors should use toughened tempered glass as standard.
  • Manufacture, delivery & installation: Once again, because there is a plentiful supply of manufacturers and installers, you are unlikely to have to wait for ages for your window or door to be made, delivered and fitted.