uPVCFrench Window

We specialize in designing different types of uPVC windows customized to your specific requirements.French window features two sashes hinged from the side. These sashes can open inward or outward depending on the requirement. One of the classic window designs, French window from adds an architectural dimension to your home while insulating it from noise, dust, rain, pollution, and heat

Features Benefits

  • Extremely energy efficient; helps reduce air-conditioning costs
  • Superior noise insulation properties
  • Comes with air-tight seals to insulate against dust, pollution, and       winds
  • Blocks rainwater seepage
  • Available in a variety of designs, colors, and hardware
  • Made of UPVC, a new-age material which is low maintenance,            termite-proof, fade-resistant, the poor conductor of heat with            negligible thermal expansion/contraction properties
  • As a result, the product retains its shape, sheen, and color for               years together.
  • Glass Options:

  • Single Glazing,
  • Double Glazing