uPVCTilt & Slide Window

Tilt & Slide windows are a space saving solution if you have little room inside your home. They can be opened fully by sliding or tilted inwards for efficient ventilation. Tilt & Slide windows achieve a better insulation than standard windows. They also give you a tilt option, which is perfect for ventilation while keeping your home secure from intruders. This system is ideal over kitchen bench tops where a wider opening may be required for a servery or in an office or study where furniture items such as computers may impede the turn mode of a standard turn and tilt window.


  • Low price (compared to windows made of aluminum, or natural wood).
  • Excellent thermal insulation. Correctly selected glass unit and profile system allow to reduce heat losses in the room and save on heating.
  • Impermeability. This property of UPVC tilt and turn windows not only improves thermal insulation but also provides a high level of protection against noise, moisture, and dust.
  • Durability. According to the research, the service life of windows made of UPVC is estimated at 40 years.
  • Resistance to all types of atmospheric phenomena. UPVC tilt and turn windows are not sensitive to rain and hurricanes, snow, scorching sun and sharp temperature changes.
  • Fire safety. PVC is a flame-resistant material that does not burn.
  • Ecological compatibility. UPVC windows do not emit any harmful substances. Moreover, the profiles of KBE are produced using Greenline special technology and do not contain lead.
  • Aesthetic appearance. Accurate shape and harmonious combination of different types of profiles in the window, allow fitting into the metal-plastic windows in any interior.
  • Ease of operation. Metal-plastic windows do not require almost any maintenance. It is enough to wash them regularly.
  • Product Features

  • Alternative outer frame and sash sizes available
  • Glazing beads available for different IG-Sizes
  • Ideal in both residential and commercial applications
  • Available in 2-panel, 3-panel, and 4-panel configurations
  • 70mm front to back multi-chambered profiles
  • Available in white, bone, clay, wood grain and colored finishes (laminated)
  • All main profiles are steel reinforced
  • Different glazing beads available to accommodate IG-SizesTilt

    Product Description

    Tilt Turn is a specialty window where the sash can either tilt open from the top or open sideways like a side-hung casement. Both the operations take place with a single handle serving the following two purposes:
  • Tilt open from top:
    The design involves a handle that helps to maneuver the window by tilting it at an angle from the top. The result is a slight opening at the top that helps in the room”s aeration while the window remains in a semi closed manner.
    The second purpose:
    It lets in natural light but also seals the room from dust and pollution. When closed, the window ensures effective air conditioning. The window is sealed perfectly to the wall and the frame has no gaps at all, making them energy-efficient and giving you lower energy consumption costs.

    Features & Benefits :

  • Superior noise insulation and highly energy efficient
  • Smooth to operate and elegant to look at
  • Allows maximum sunlight into the room
  • Available in variety of designs, colours and hardware
  • Made of UPVC, a new-age material which is low maintenance, termite proof, fade resistant, poor conductor of heat with negligible thermal expansion/contraction properties
  • As a result, the product retains its shape, sheen and colour for years together with other Details:

  • Recommended for: Bedrooms, Lobby, Living Rooms, Study, Bathrooms
    Glass Options: Single Glazing, Double Glazing, Triple Glazing, Toughened, Reflective, Laminated, etc.
    Design Options: Single operable sash, Two operable sashes, Operable sash cum fixed, etc